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We hope that you are able to do your part in helping ensure there are resources available to support candidates for state offices who understand and support the multifaceted issues of interest and concern to funeral directors in Wisconsin.

In November of this year, elections will determine the office holders in all ninety-nine Wisconsin Assembly districts and sixteen of the thirty-three Senate districts.  There are many prominent elected officials who have indicated they will not seek re-election this year.  Add to that, those candidates who will succeed in ousting an incumbent and it is expected there will be many new state officeholders when the Legislature convenes in January 2021.  It is critical to the mission of WFDA that the funeral industry has relationships with incumbent and newly elected officeholders before we face a slate of legislative issues, as we do each session of the Legislature.

The WFDA PAC is an invaluable tool to help in our ability to educate and support candidates for office who we determine will listen and be responsive to the needs of funeral service.  Whether it is protecting the value of the funeral director license or protecting the independence of funeral industry from the cemetery industry, funeral directors need to know we are helping send legislators to Madison who are listening to us.

There are many important ways WFDA members may exercise their rights to free speech and we need to use all of those methods in order to make sure our messages break through to elected officials who will make important decisions that determine the future of the funeral profession in Wisconsin.  One of those ways to communicate - one which is constitutionally protected and should not be overlooked - is to communicate your support for the funeral industry by helping in a coordinated effort to support those candidates who will listen to what we have to say.


Who can contribute?

Federal law mandates that PAC contributions must come from personal funds - corporate contributions cannot be accepted. Personal contributions are strictly voluntary and are not a condition for WFDA membership. 

Learn More About Our Transition from a Conduit to a PAC


If you would like to make a contribution from your organization and not your personal funds you can do so using the Corporate Political Fund instead of the PAC.

Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $12,000.00
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