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Change in Staff Announcement for the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association

August 04, 2023 9:53 AM | WFDA (Administrator)


Change in Staff Announcement for the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association 

Madison, WI- The Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association (WFDA) announces a change in staff as we bid farewell to our esteemed Executive Director, Caroline Bowers, who has been at the helm of WFDA for the past four and a half years. Caroline will be leaving WFDA on August 4 to pursue a new Executive Director role with another nonprofit organization.

Caroline's tenure with WFDA has been marked by exceptional leadership and dedication to our organization's mission. Her unwavering commitment to the funeral service professionals in Wisconsin and her efforts to uphold the high professional standards of our members have left a lasting impact on WFDA and its members.

Current WFDA Board President, Matt Myrhum, of Myrhum-Patten Funeral Homes, shared, “Throughout her time with WFDA, Caroline's dedication and commitment to our association and to our industry as a whole has been unwavering.  She truly immersed herself in our culture and was embraced by many for doing so.  I personally have greatly appreciated her leadership and friendship over the years and while I am sad to see Caroline go, I wish her nothing but the best both personally and professionally.  I am grateful for the staff at Impact for their work behind the scenes to help provide a smooth transition from Caroline to our new executive director Kent Anderson.  I am looking forward to getting to know Kent and getting him up to speed as we stay the course in implementing the five year strategic plan that your WFDA board developed earlier this spring.  While Impact is an important component of WFDA's success, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the other two parts that make up the pyramid of WFDA's success which is our general council Sharkey Law, PLLC and our lobbying firm Hamilton Consultants.  These three organizations combined is what makes WFDA the leading association for funeral service in Wisconsin.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding this transition.” 

As WFDA continues to uphold its commitment to serving funeral service professionals in Wisconsin, we would like to emphasize that the association is managed by the capable and experienced team at Impact Association Management Company (AMC). The collaborative efforts of WFDA's dedicated board of directors and Impact AMC ensure that members receive consistent, sustainable, and member-focused support. Client Success Manager and Executive Director, Kent Anderson will be supporting WFDA moving forward. Kent brings over ten years of nonprofit leadership experience to Impact AMC and is looking forward to serving WFDA.

The WFDA Board of Directors and Impact AMC remain fully committed to WFDA's mission and are actively working to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. As we move forward, we are excited to continue serving our members and supporting the funeral service profession in Wisconsin.

About Impact AMC: Impact AMC is a management firm that specializes in providing comprehensive support for non-profit membership associations. Through their expertise, they help organizations achieve membership growth, retention, and overall success, enabling boards to concentrate on their core missions. 

About WFDA: Founded in 1881, the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association (WFDA) is the largest state trade association assisting funeral service professionals in Wisconsin. WFDA is dedicated to representing and supporting its members through continuing education, networking opportunities, advocacy efforts, and promoting the highest professional standards in delivering meaningful funeral services to the families they serve.


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